The 6 top IQ testing apps in 2023

To empower ourselves daily, we need to improve our knowledge and skills. IQ (Intelligence quotient) tests are viral because the test results are an essential factor that can evaluate the growth of an individual.

The significance of these tests is growing each day because life is about winning brutal combats. Today, different applications are available to help us in various aspects of life. So, it is no surprise that they can also help us with our self-improvement. 

IQ tests help you to understand how smart someone is or how smart you are. Therefore, if you want to know how smart you are, you can try the different apps we will discuss. Each person’s final score at the end of an IQ test is a standard and should be considered a standard. This score measures different fundamental values to evaluate memory, attention, reasoning, critical thinking, etc.

Many tables report people’s IQ scores, showing the intelligence ranges if they are below, above, or within the average. The Woodcock-Johnson Cognitive abilities test, which is one of the most recent IQ scales and was published in 2007, is as follows:

  • 131 and higher: gifted.
  • 121 130 to: very superior.
  • 111 120 to: above average.
  • 90 110 to average.
  • 80 89 to: below average.
  • 70 79 to low.
  • 69 and lower: very low.

The following IQ test apps will help you understand your IQ scale.

1. IQ Exam

IQ Exam is one of the most innovative and updated IQ tests you can take online. When you enter their website, you will see “your country’s most accurate free IQ test.” This IQ test was invented by McGill University Research Student Team and is considered one of the most reliable tests. 

This test has 30 questions that will evaluate your spatial and visual reasoning skills and is pattern-based. All of these test questions are designed accurately by an intelligent algorithm to analyze the general score of a person’s cognitive and reasoning skills.

Each question involves a three-by-three matrix square with a question mark on the last square. Choose the most accurate answer from your options and come up with the correct answer. 

After answering all the IQ test questions online, you can see your result. You will get a certified IQ performance average different from a classic IQ test. This certificate will show your performance level, and so far, 89,000 people in the USA have taken this test.

2. IQ Test – The Intelligence Quiz

These IQ tests include different tests to evaluate your brain function and measure what you should improve in your performance. Using this app is very simple. You can see the menu when you open the app for the first time; then, you can take the test or practice. 

The Intelligence Quiz app screenshot

You can find different kinds of tests in this app below:

You can take short and long-term memory tests. As your memory is part of your intelligence, you must discover how many things you can keep in mind.

You can take the test alone or with other people. There is a multiplayer mode that can persuade you to solve some puzzles as fast as possible. At the end of the test, you can see the participants’ rates. The app will remember the number of correct answers and the time you took to complete the test.

You can also try the exercise mode. If you need to prepare for the test, you can choose this mode (for example, if you want to apply for a job or prepare for an exam).

This app has all the necessary features for an accurate IQ test. It will evaluate your speed, memory, and numerical understanding. When completing the test, you will receive a results diagram. These options are free.

3. IQ Test: Intelligence Test

With this IQ test, you can find various IQ tests that can help you evaluate your intelligence and IQ differently. The IQ tests that are included in this app are as below: 

IQ tests are similar to Ravens Progressive Matrics with easy and fun questions. There are 30 questions with four options for choosing the answer. There is a mental test part that will evaluate your logical and emotional level. This test includes 40 questions, similar to the EQ test.

In the result section, there is a graph that describes your following skills:

Spatial, logical, theoretical, and more. These skills are elements that build your IQ. They are different from the concept of IQ itself, but each will show what parts of your brain have participated in making your IQ.

The methodology used in this test for measuring the results is based on questions you have answered correctly. The grading system is extensive because it will consider all question types.

4. IQ Test Preparation

This IQ app is an experimental app that will prepare job applicants to get ready for different interviews, examinations, or competitions. The app has various questions in many other fields. 

IQ Test Preparation screenshot

The app even provides many tips, suggestions, or explanations about how to solve different questions to help individuals improve their creative thinking skills.

This “IQ test preparation” app has many questions to test how much you are prepared for a specific examination. There tests for 5, 10, and 20 minutes long.

This app’s IQ and aptitude tests involve numbers, alphabetical sequence, and visual patterns.

There are also test questions about logical reasoning, verbal Aptitude, mathematics, and so on. IQ test preparation app is designed for entry tests in schools, colleges, and universities. These tests have a great insistence on the development of mental health.

5. Best IQ test

Suppose you are looking for a test to evaluate your mental ability for problem-solving and having fun simultaneously. In that case, the Best IQ test is the right choice. The available tests on this app will measure how smart and creative you are. 

The best IQ test app involves many puzzles and enigmas, and you must solve these puzzles by finding solutions. Many questions might seem simple at first, but you need a lot of thinking to find the correct answer. The best tests which can challenge your intelligence level are riddles. 

Moreover, when you answer all the questions, you can learn about your IQ level and brag about it! About 90% of people could solve the first level of the test, while the last level was so complex that only 5% could solve it. 

Also, the difficulty level will increase when you go to the next level. There are 60 puzzles, and they have five levels of difficulty. Also, there are more than 100 tips to help you solve the questions. 

6. What’s my IQ

What’s my IQ is a new game puzzle produced by Orangenos Studios that includes a long series of innovative puzzles. The answers to those puzzles are not logical at all. The point is that they only cross those minds who are very intelligent and willing to think out of the box. 

There are 50 cleverly created puzzles in this app. You will receive hints to help you solve the puzzled, but these hints are also not rational.

They will only help you if you are looking for a logical answer or solution to solve them. When you give up and think there is no way to find the answers, 20 free cheats will be provided as solutions. This test is very entertaining for all age groups.


When you are alone or hanging out with your friends and family, you can use these apps and spend quality time with people you enjoy being around. Moreover, these apps are an excellent method for self-improvement besides sparing your time and having some fun.

You can even use these apps to prepare for an exam or job interview. These apps can increase the level of your confidence. These apps can boost your knowledge and intelligence and prepare you for removing obstacles in real life.

IQ tests can evaluate your mind’s ability to understand complicated problems. But you should also know this is not the only criterion for measuring human potential. These tests can’t measure social, emotional, and physical strengths, so you need to be careful while interpreting the results. 

Its score is an evaluation that lets people measure and calculate their level of intelligence. IQ tests are primarily used in schools, industry, and some top-level jobs. IQ tests can be science-based, mathematical, etc. Many other IQ tests follow a visual approach because everybody needs to become more familiar with or perform well with numbers and mathematics.

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