What Characteristics Are More Important than IQ Score For Success

Undoubtedly, you have heard about IQ, and you may have even participated in IQ tests to find out how smart you are and your IQ score.

But do you know what IQ is and how it affects your life and success?

Do you think that only having a high IQ guarantees that you will succeed in life, or do other factors impact your success?

This article will discuss IQ and examine features other than high IQ that affect your success.

What is IQ?

IQ, or in other words, intelligence quotient, measures people’s intellectual abilities.

You can use tests and tools designed to measure IQ to determine your IQ score.

The IQ score of anyone shows that person’s capabilities in various fields, such as reasoning abilities.

The average IQ score is 100, which indicates normal intelligence, but if you score above this score, you are smart and understand and solve different problems more efficiently.

If your IQ score is less than 100, you are not intelligent, and you need to work on your skills more.

It is said that IQ affects people’s career path and success, but does IQ alone determine who is suitable for any job, or does IQ score determine people’s capabilities?

We will examine these items in the following.

How does IQ affect success?

Each person’s IQ score is unique, but it is said that people with a higher IQ are more successful than people with a lower IQ in different fields such as work, education, and life.

But does a high IQ really affect success?

The researchers answer yes to this question, which means that a high IQ score affects people’s success, and intelligent people are more successful and can work in challenging jobs such as surgeons, engineers, etc.

This means that these people have completed their studies better and are working in better jobs and have better income, which makes them have a better position in society and are known as successful people.

Now let’s see what the characteristics of smart people with high IQ are:


Intelligent people are interested and like to discover new things, which also shows that they are risk-takers.

Open mind

People with high IQs have open minds and try to solve problems with open minds to find the right solutions and get the best results.


Smart people can easily adapt to different situations and manage them. They go easy on things and try to adapt themselves to any situation.


People with high IQs have an excellent ability to communicate with others and can talk and share with different people. They can find new friends and build relationships easily.

Self Confidence

Smart people know their abilities and believe in themselves, making them self-confident.


These people know themselves and know their abilities; if they have a weakness, they accept and admit it.

In general, people with a high IQ have a better and more successful life than people with a low IQ.

Qualities that are more important than IQ score

So far, we have talked about IQ and realized that a high IQ impacts the success of people in various fields as well as the quality of life.

But is a high IQ only needed for success in education, work, and life?

Undoubtedly, only having a high IQ and IQ score cannot guarantee your success, but there are other things that are more important than IQ scores and affect your success.

In this section, we examine the most important of these items:

  • Consistency

Consistency is one of the essential things that will help you on your way to success.

Continuity in doing a task commits you to it and forces you to take steps towards achieving your goals and persist in this path to achieve your goals.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, helps you have a better relationship with people, manage stressful situations better, and better understand your own and other people’s feelings.

Emotional intelligence is an important factor that impacts your success, so you can travel the path of success if you don’t have a high IQ but a high EQ.

  • Motivation

Undoubtedly, motivation and positivity are important characteristics that guarantee your success.

If you try to do something and have the necessary motivation to succeed, you will definitely reach your goals.

  • Passion

If you are a smart person but not eager and excited to achieve your goals, you won’t be able to follow the path to success.

Try to be passionate about what you do and enjoy doing it to get the best results.

  • Growth Mindset

To achieve your goals and success, you must prepare your mind and force it to accept and believe in your abilities so that you can step towards success with a mind that is ready to grow.

  • Thirsty to learn

Learning is something that has no end, and you can always learn new things.

To succeed, you must always be hungry to learn and discover new knowledge to expand your abilities and get closer to your goals.

  • Hard work

To be successful, you have to work hard but smartly because no matter how smart you are, you need to work for success to get good results.

These things we mentioned have a greater impact on success than the IQ score.

In other words, it can be said that these personality traits help smart people to walk the path of success better.

Remember that only intelligence and a high IQ score do not lead to success. Still, you must work on your personality traits and try to mix these personality traits with your intelligence to achieve success.

Wrap up

There is no doubt that in today’s competitive world, IQ dramatically impacts your success, and you should try to expand your skills to walk the path of success more quickly.

But as mentioned, other things will help you succeed, except for the high IQ scores.

In this article, we examined all the effects of IQ on success and, of course, factors that are more important than IQ and impact success, which will help you to step on the path of success and enjoy it.

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