Common IQ Test Questions with Answers

Have you ever taken an IQ test?

Many people, especially students, want to know their IQ score, but they’re also scared of the questions and results of their IQ exam.

In such situations, the wisest course of action is to search and get familiar with typical IQ tests and challenge them. This way, your fear will decrease, and you’ll be skillful in answering certain types of questions.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and your IQ score is not a constant number. So try to read the following IQ test questions with answers to become fluent in these tests.

First, you’d better learn about different types of IQ questions. Here are the general types of questions you might be asked to answer in a typical IQ exam:

  • Analogies (mathematical and verbal)
  • Pattern-driven (spatial and mathematical)
  • Classification
  • Visual
  • Spatial
  • Logical

The following sections will let you know the most repeated questions in common IQ tests.

  1. Dice questions

In many IQ tests, they show pictures of dice and ask questions like which one is different or what the next one is.

Here are some examples of this type of IQ test questions with answers:

The answer would be


Now, try to solve the following question:


  1. Shape questions

Many questions have pictures of various kinds of shapes that are in different positions. They want you to tell which one does not belong to the pattern.

Here is an example of this type of IQ test question:


The correct answer is A.

  1. Rubik cubes

There are always questions about Rubik’s cubes. They usually ask you to determine the sequence of the cubes properly.


The correct answer, in this case, is C.

Don’t worry if you think you can’t answer these questions soon. With practice, you can increase your ability to find the solution for Rubik IQ tests and, as a result, improve your overall IQ score.

  1. Unfolded cubes

This is also a common question type. They give you a picture of an unfolded cube with different images on each cube’s face. Then, they’ll ask you to guess the image on the folded cube.

Here is an example of this type of IQ question with the answer.


The answer would be A.

  1. Unfolded shapes

There are similar questions to the previous type with the difference that other shapes are used rather than cubes.

For example, they give you unfolded versions of shapes like rectangular or pyramids. Then, they’ll ask you to identify the shape of the folded object.

Sometimes, they include some images on each component of the unfolded shape, making the question even more difficult to answer.


The answer would be D.

  1. Guess the missing number

Missing numbers are also really common among IQ test questions. They always give you charts in which some boxes are filled, and you must guess the missing number(s).

Here is an example of missing-number questions with the answer.


The answer would be D.

  1. Identifying the different shape

Many times you have to be able to identify a difference among several seemingly similar shapes.

They give you some overlapping objects and ask you to take out the shape that does not belong to the group. In this type of IQ question, you have to find the group’s similarity and then find the shape that does not have that similarity.

Here is an example of this kind of IQ test question with its answer.

Source: YouTube channel of Online Training for Everyone

As you can see, all the shapes are symmetrical unless C, so the answer would be C. To answer these questions quickly, you have to see tones of similar IQ tests with their answers.

  1. Verbal questions

Verbal questions are also very common in IQ tests. They ask very different questions ranging from unscrambling a word to identifying a category to which a word belongs or does not belong.

For example, in the given question below, you have to identify a word that means Summit and choose the color of its characters.


The answer is Orange because it has the characters to build the word Apex, which is similar to Summit.

To answer this type of IQ question, you must have a vast knowledge of language apart from being smart. This type of question is more common in exams like GRE that are necessary for university applications in some countries, including the USA.

Final thoughts

IQ test questions are really diverse, and you might find it difficult to master all of them. You might have to practice more in some of them because people’s personalities and abilities differ from each other. So don’t be worried about your results on your first try. You have to see various types of questions with answers to get used to solving them.

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