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IQ Distribution in General Population

If we are to define the general population and their intellectual and cognitive abilities based on a free test online, we could give the reasoning that a score below 70 is considered to be a low IQ average score.

On the other hand, an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Certified Score above 115 is considered an exceptional High IQ average. With an IQ certificate test score as high as 115, the individual may have the ability and the intelligence to seek any opportunity to achieve the highest level of education in any field and performance. But this advanced IQ Test score is valid for an average of 15% of the public.

Thus, if upon taking the available online IQ Tests on our IQ Exam platform and getting an individual official IQ scoring higher than 130, it is considered a genius and complete high-performance intelligence and cognitive ability. Based on research, only 2% of people in the general population can get a test report as advanced as that score! These individuals are considered to be “gifted" in their skills.

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We at IQ Exam provide 30 IQ intellectual questions that are pattern-based and will assess your Visual and Spatial reasoning Skill Abilities through a series of tests. Every question on this testing analysis is accurately designed to analyze an overall score of an individual’s logical reasoning and cognitive abilities through reading the intelligent algorithm test on our free IQ test.

Each related question consists of a 3 by 3 matrix squares with a question mark on the last square. You would have to choose the best possible answer from the options given on the right answers.

A click on the multiple-choice will take you to the next question and the next until the cognitive ability intelligence test is completed, and you could receive your accurate online IQ Test and performance results certificate.

Through a few free IQ Test questions that are available online, you could get your very own Certified IQ Performance average, making it different from a classic IQ test. So, What are you waiting for? Do you want to know if you're part of a high IQ society? Let’s Get Started.

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Why We Are the World's Most Accurate Free IQ Test

There are many short online IQ tests readily available on the internet. But, what makes the IQ Exam the World's Most Accurate Online IQ Test and the best free exam to measure your IQ score? What makes us the best one among the many on the internet?

Well, there are many reasons why we call ourselves the best, why we believe we take the world's most accurate free online IQ test report. It's because we have considered all the skills, research, and questions in our tests, every detail, reasoning, and intellectual sample, we have all rights reserved to our claim to being the best one on the Internet's search results.

We are adamant we are the greatest in measuring your IQ score because; we are a team of educationists from McGill University who have worked with hundreds and thousands of students with all types of mental age levels, skills, and capacities.

Moreover, we have researched and analyzed each question on our free IQ tests to improve it compared with a classical intelligence test. Our 30 accurate online IQ test questions are produced by professional test takers with perfect accuracy. Our test takers have created an unbiased IQ test for every individual, skills, reasoning intellectual ability, intelligence level, age, and brain cognitive abilities.

Furthermore, the test is conducted in an amiable focused atmosphere. There are no distractions like music or pop-up-ads in the background. Most essentially, there is no timer on the IQ Tests to pressurize the test participant to get final results in the minimum time or through certain brain take influence.

We at IQ Exam believe in 100% focus to achieve the prime possible IQ Test Results for people looking to get answers to their brain cognitive skills and performance scores. What’s more, we have given enough margin in the number of questions in our free test for our intelligent well-outlined algorithm to calculate a precise IQ score that is the closest level results to your brain cognitive capabilities sample.

Testing your IQ with a Different Algorithm via IQ Exam

Unlike other IQ tests, which provide only 15 to 20 questions. However, we have 30 questions to precisely calculate the most precise and fair score for each individual that attempts the certified free IQ test, instead of the usual 20 questions.

Besides, we believe it is our responsibility to help you get higher scores in the next attempts of the sincere IQ test sample. We hold all rights reserved to get the best merit for the free IQ Test available online; that is why we have linked our website to WikiHow to allow the participants to improve their IQ scores and results certificate.

WikiHow is used on IQ Exam because it is filled with tips and techniques to improve your brain neuroplasticity stimulation and so your average IQ score. With the proper diet, precise prime standard mental exercises, and proper intellectual analysis, you will surely achieve a better score for your IQ Certificate and in your next try on the Online IQ Test.

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Conclusively, at IQ Exam, we have used every little detail testing measure to make the IQ test-taking experience worthwhile. Good Luck!

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IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligent Quotient.

How many questions are in this accurate IQ test?

There are 30 questions in the IQ Tests. Each question is a 3 by 3 multiple choice matrix format, which allows the participant to choose from the given options to replace the question mark.

Yes, the IQ test Online is Completely Free but you have to pay if you want to access more information, and PDF for improving your IQ. Also, there is an option to print out a hardcopy of your IQ Certificate Results at the end of attempting the test for you to see and enjoy as you wish.

IQ Exam's test holds all rights reserved as the world's most accurate ability sample analysis available as an official IQ Test online. Because compared to other IQ tests, which only hold 20 questions or less, the algorithm testing average is established on 30 questions.

Moreover, the IQ Test questions used in our IQ Exam have used a university research base and are an accurate cognitive skills performance ability certified IQ Test.

We have taken each detailed account into making our IQ Tests convenient for the participants who wish to take them and achieve elevated IQ average test results. We have aimed to help you attain a fair and accurate IQ result for the many who may wish to determine their IQ ability.

At the IQ Exam, we have you fully covered. We provide a focused test-taking atmosphere environment to aid your cognitive improvements for future attempts on the IQ Tests; we help you in your performance ability on the test. Additionally, we provide a certificate to keep track of your score so you can compare it with your future IQ Test result attempts.

Yes, you can take the IQ test as many times as you like with no fee charged.

The average IQ score is 100. Research says that 95% of the population scores between 70 to 115.

An IQ score above 130 is considered above average and among the two percent gifted population. But a genius IQ score is 160 putting it at the 99th percentile IQ category.

An individual with Down Syndrome is categorized into four-score levels. A score between 50 to 69 is considered a mild case. A score of between 35 to 50 has a moderate intellectual disability. Meanwhile, a range between 20 to 35 is considered a severe intellectual difficulty. A score between 10 to 30 is considered as Mosaic Down Syndrome.

To increase your average IQ performance score, please click on the WikiHow Blog at the top right-hand corner of our IQ Exam website. It will guide you towards different diet tips that you could take and various mental exercises that could be used to improve your IQ score performance.

IQ Score measures different intelligence areas like memory, visual, and spatial cognitive performance perception. Although it does not calculate a specific area of knowledge like math or science, it does measure the intelligence ability to learn different skills.

There is no timer in this online IQ test to pressurize you to finish within a time frame. We wish to accommodate all ages, brain capabilities, and intellectual levels in the general population. Whether the participants are adults or children of any age, they can take our accurate online IQ Test.

We believe every individual will work at their own pace, so we don't limit you to a certain time.

What is Gaussian Distribution?

Gaussian Distribution is also known as Normal Distribution. The IQ score is distributed in a bell-curve shape. The bell-curve peak is 100, which is the average IQ score. About 95% of the population score between 70 to 130. The rest of the population scores either below 70 or above 130. The percentage of achieving such scores decreases as it goes further away from the bell-curve peak.