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What You Need to Know about IQ Scores & Levels


The IQ score shows your brain performance in a specific test compared to other people in the same age group.

As you know, different tests have been developed as research results progressed through time, and each test was given its own rating system. Therefore, if you claim that your IQ score is 130, nobody considers it a significant result unless you specify the exact IQ test using which you measured your IQ.

IQ Levels and Classifications

It is common among IQ researchers to use classification labels such as “Gifted” or “average” to define the level of your IQ score.

There is no consistent practice for labeling IQ levels, nor is there a consistent practice of dividing IQ scores into specific categories or with certain boundary scores.

There are different kinds of classifications for IQ scores. Here are three different classifications:


IQ Range IQ Classification
IQ Range IQ Classification
144+ Highly Gifted
130-144 Gifted
115-129 Above Average
85-114 Average
70-84 Below Average
-70 Lower Extreme

Stanford–Binet Fifth Edition (SB5) Classification

IQ Range IQ Classification
IQ Range IQ Classification
144+ Very Gifted or Highly Advanced
130-144 Gifted or Very Advanced
120-129 Superior
110-119 High Average
90–109 Average
80–89 Low Average
70–79 Borderline Impaired or Delayed
55–69 Mildly Impaired or Delayed
40-54 Moderately Impaired or Delayed

Alternate Wechsler IQ Classifications

Corresponding IQ Range Classifications More value-neutral terms
130+ Very Superior Upper Extreme
120–129 Superior Well Above Average
110–119 High Average High Average
90–109 Average Average
80–89 Low Average Low Average
70–79 Borderline Well Below Average
69 and below Extremely Low Extremely Low

What Is the Global Average IQ Score?

An IQ score of 100 has been determined as the global average by most modern IQ tests have determined. The standard deviation of 15 is also considered so that IQ scores follow a normal distribution.

In other words, approximately 95% of the world’s population have IQ scores within the range of 70 to 130, and 98% are below 131.