120 IQ: Meaning, Percentile, & Career Path

So, you’ve taken an IQ test and you got a score of 120! Isn’t that amazing? You’re smart!

An IQ score of 120 means you’re higher than average, and you have many great cognitive abilities that can help you both in your professional and academic life!

Yes, your IQ gives you a background for your future path. If you know the real meaning behind your score, you’ll be able to make the choices that give you the highest possibility of success!

Ready to learn all about your IQ score? Let’s get into it!

Where Does an IQ of 120 Stand in Percentile?

What is IQ Percentile?

IQ scores are not just numbers. They can give you an insight into your cognitive abilities and other skills. If you’re curious about where a 120 IQ stands in the grand scheme of intelligence, let’s break it down by exploring IQ percentiles.

An IQ percentile shows your performance on the test. For example, if you get the percentile of 80% on your test, it means that you’ve taken it better than 80% of people who took the same test.

The usual percentile for an IQ of 120 is 91%. It means that you’ve scored higher than 91% of other people who took an IQ test. So, congrats!

Best Career Paths for IQ 120

Best Career Paths for IQ 120

Your IQ scores can significantly influence your career decisions. It gives you skills and abilities that make you a good fit in some fields. 

What are the best jobs for individuals with a 120 IQ? Let’s find out!


If you have an IQ score of 120, a career as an optometrist could be an excellent choice! 

You have the intelligence for this demanding job. You can communicate well and you have a keen eye for details. So, why not help people see the world better?

Court Reporter and Simultaneous Captioner

This one’s kind of amazing because you rarely think about it!

But with your 120 IQ, court reporting and simultaneous captioning is not a difficult task! You have the patience and the ability to do two things at once!


One of the possibilities you can follow is going to pharmacy school! 

As a pharmacist, you’ll be responsible for dispensing medications, providing advice to patients, and ensuring the safe use of drugs.

With an IQ of 120, you can handle the complicated world of pharmaceuticals, drug interactions, and dosage calculations easily. Your attention to detail will be very valuable as well. 

Forensic Expert

If you’re into a blend of science, investigation, and problem-solving, you’ll make a great fit to become a forensic scientist!  

This one’s very exciting!

Forensic experts are responsible for examining evidence, going on experiments, and drawing conclusions about crimes based on scientific data.

Your ability to analyze complex information is a key skill in this path. Also, your attention to detail and problem-solving skills are very needed. 


If you’re good with words and stories, you can go for a career in writing!

With an IQ of 120, you must be a creative person. As a writer, you’ll have the freedom to explore your imagination and bring your ideas to life with words.

Writers often need to research and provide accurate content. Your intellectual skills help you do this research and analyze information critically. 

Music Composer

Music Composer one of the best careers for IQ 120

Close your eyes. Can you see yourself up on a stage playing music? Do you well with those notes?

Your IQ score shows not only your cognitive intelligence but also your musical intelligence. A 120 IQ suggests that you understand musical structures, harmonies, and rhythms well!

Music composition is a highly creative job. With an IQ of 120, you have the capacity to create original melodies that evoke emotions.


Your IQ score of 120 shows that you have strong analytical abilities. This means you can solve complicated legal issues, examine evidence, and write persuasive arguments.

So, you have all it takes to become a great lawyer. You have the communication and research skills, and you know how to make decisions based on ethics!

So, consider it when choosing a professional path!

Good Majors for IQ 120

Good Majors for IQ 120

Let’s take a look at some excellent academic paths for you with a 120 IQ!


Your IQ score shows that you can get a good understanding of human behavior and emotions.

You can do great work in courses that need critical analysis, research, and a deep understanding of the human mind.

So if you’re into clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, or social psychology, feel free to pursue this major!

Business Administration

Business administration is a major that offers you a wide range of opportunities in the future.

Your IQ score of 120 shows that you have the ability to understand business concepts, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions easier than many of your peers!

You can become a successful entrepreneur, a strategic manager, or a financial analyst. You’ll add great value to all of these fields. 

Environmental Science

If you want to make a positive impact on the planet, a major in environmental science is an excellent choice!

This field has elements of biology, chemistry, and earth sciences and addresses pressing environmental issues.

Your intellectual skills help you understand complicated ecological concepts and create a better future for all!

Communication Studies

Communication Studies one of the best majors for IQ 120

A major in communication studies is perfect for you because you have strong analytical skills. 

This field studies human communication, media studies, and public relations. Your ability to analyze communication patterns aligns with this major. 


The law school is a great place for you! 

With a 120 IQ, you can easily understand legal principles, critical thinking, and effective communication. 

Information Technology (IT)

If you have a passion for technology and problem-solving, information technology is a natural choice for you!

Your IQ score of 120 shows that you have strong analytical skills, and this makes you a great fit for IT. In this field, you can learn programming, cybersecurity, and data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IQ score of 120?

An IQ score of 120 is above average. It shows a good level of cognitive ability and problem-solving skills. People with this IQ are considered smart.

How does a 120 IQ percentile compare to the general population?

A 120 IQ places you in the above-average range with a percentile of 91%; which means you’ve done better than approximately 91% of other participants. 

Can a person with a 120 IQ be considered gifted?

A 120 IQ is above average, but people with this score are not considered as “gifted.” being gifted means having an IQ score higher than 140.

Can an IQ score of 120 change over time?

IQ scores are mostly stable, they can be influenced by factors like education and life experiences. Some people may experience changes in their IQ scores throughout their lives.

How can someone improve their cognitive abilities and IQ?

Some techniques like practicing critical thinking, and challenging yourself with puzzles and brain exercises can help you improve your IQ score over time.

Is a 120 IQ sufficient for success in various careers?

A 120 IQ can help you thrive in many fields. But remember, success depends on other things like passion, dedication, and specific skills as well.


So, is an IQ of 120 Good or bad?

Well, this score means that you’re smart and above average. You solve problems faster than 91% of the population. You can communicate very well, and decide based on data analysis.

While your IQ is not considered “gifted”, it gives you many options in your career and major choices. Remember that IQ is just one aspect of intelligence, and your soft skills could have the same effect on your performance.

If you show enough dedication and try to learn other hard and soft skills, you can thrive in any field you choose. Some fields that you can succeed in are psychology, IT, law, art, and environmental sciences. 

In the end, what matters most is how you use your intelligence, whether it’s through education, pursuing a fulfilling career, or making a positive impact on the world around you! 

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