Are Web-Based IQ Tests Accurate? – How do web-based IQ tests measure your IQ

Online IQ tests have turned into a must in the e-learning industry. It can measure student skills and bring them to the right level in online courses. The learning industry has entered a new era, offering various options for learners of different ages and abilities. 

The Internet and advanced communication technologies have played an essential role in these changes. Today, online learning materials are easily accessible anywhere in the world. Online IQ tests also fall into this category.

Luckily, there are almost multiple Internet software programs that include IQ tests. You can take several online tests from your room without worrying about accuracy. These tests are ideally suited for the job and provide proof to use on your resume.

IQ tests do not evaluate knowledge. Instead, it focuses on skills such as a person’s reasoning ability. An online IQ test provides specific information, examines what participants will do based on their ability, and uses logic to make predictions. IQ tests can measure the following:

  • Short-term and long-term memory
  • Ability to solve puzzles
  • pattern recognition
  • The amount of time needed to obtain information

Web-based IQ tests use 100 as an average marker of intelligence to determine where a person falls within the average range. Still, the interpretation of scores is more complicated. Researchers created a list of average scores to determine which were considered below average, average, and above average. Here is one version:

  • 69 or less: very low/mentally disabled
  • 70-79: borderline intellectual disability
  • 80-89: low average
  • 90-114: average intelligence
  • 115 to 129: above average
  • 130-144: moderate talent
  • 145-159: Talented
  • 160 and above: excellent / very talented

What external factors can affect online IQ score tests?

An individual’s IQ is collective and can be evaluated by many factors. Nature and nurture work together to determine human intelligence. Genetics plays a vital role in an individual’s IQ. Still, various influential environmental factors such as education, premature birth, diet, pollution, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and sickness can all affect an individual’s IQ. 

These factors may increase or decrease genetic sensitivity. Here are some factors that can affect your online IQ score:

Genetics and Environment: Heredity enriches the developing body with particular inherent abilities, and the environment helps the organism to grow and learn. In 1940, Newman believed that IQ variation was about 68% determined by heredity and about 32% by the environment.

IQ changes throughout life, but genetics does not, so the environment drives it. Proper diet, health, and stimulant conditions will contribute to this change. From 2 to 4 years, the child’s environment is crucial as they usually learn languages ​​at this time. Better housing, schools, health facilities, and less economic discrimination provide a chance for reaching a mentally competent population.

Age: People who were smart or boring as children tend to stay smart or boring all their lives. Intelligence growth can continue into their early 20s. When individuals reach a maximum of 10 at about age 20, they remain stable for up to 10 years and then start declining in physical capabilities. Based on some studies, more intelligent people grow faster, which lasts longer than those with less intellectual talent.

Culture: Some researchers believe that the “cultural specificity” of intelligence means that IQ tests are biased about the environment in which they were developed, such as white Western societies. This bias can cause problems in a wide variety of environments. The answers to IQ test questions are very cultural because culture determines a person’s point of view and level of competence.

Health status: Intelligence test scores are intended to measure fundamental and robust characteristics. Still, other factors can decrease or even increase scores on these tests. It is believed that there are several temporary factors, and some of these possible factors include: alcohol, lack of sleep, mood, test anxiety, etc. Physical and mental health status depends on your ability to achieve what you wish.

Social and economic status: The home environment plays an essential role in children’s development. Housing conditions can affect behavior and attitudes. Because of socioeconomic status, parents’ financial status, neighborhood, and environmental conditions can also affect intelligence.

Education: Scientists have studied the relationship between intelligence and education for many years. Higher levels of education lead to higher levels of intelligence and vice versa, but this is not the case in all situations.

Which web-based IQ online test platforms are reliable?

There are various IQ tests, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Online IQ tests benefit students or job applicants who need help going to another city or want to apply for a remote job. You can try multiple tests from different sources to ensure you get the correct results. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the best online IQ tests anyone can take for free.

  1. IQ Exam: IQ Exam is a new online test that claims to be one of the most reliable and decent online IQ exams. Developed by a group of researchers and experts at McGill University, Canada. This test contains 30 questions, and if you pass the test, a certificate will be sent to you, approving your results.
  1. is one of the most famous online exams. It contains 20 questions that will measure your IQ level with sufficient accuracy. The test calculates your IQ according to age, so you must enter your date of birth. For example, if a 10-year-old kid wants to take this exam and has a calculated mental age of 13, he or she will have an IQ score of 130.
  1. 123Test: 123Test is an excellent option if you are looking for an online test that doesn’t need registration. They offer some of the best sample exams you can find online. It also shows your score and the number of correct answers to prepare for your score and get the best results. It also provides an assessment to evaluate your suitability for jobs requiring a high IQ.
  1. Genius Tests: Genius Tests is also a great website to calculate your IQ. They provide IQ tests, from short to long ones so that anyone can take them. This test is an excellent option for those not interested in extended tests.
  1. Brain Metrix: Another free IQ test is Brain Metrix. Twenty questions must be answered in 15 minutes. You don’t need to provide personal information, such as age. Of course, it is more convenient to take this test without registering and filling out the form.
  1. See My Personality: What is My Personality is a free online personality test. See my personality claim to have incredibly accurate personality tests that provide complete details about your personality characteristics, types, behaviors, and temperaments. This test is designed to help you better know yourself and use your skills more effectively. For a long time, people believed that a person’s IQ score remains pretty stable throughout life or at least during adulthood. However, recent evidence suggests that teaching your working memory can improve your IQ score.
  1. Fun Education: Fun Education is a wonderful online IQ test site. They say that if you can pass the test, you can get a Ph.D. Adults and children under 17 can take two types of tests on the website. Fun education is primarily a verbal IQ test, with some spatial IQ questions for good results. This type of IQ test focuses on verbal reasoning.
  1. Memorado: Memorado is one of the fastest IQ tests on the internet. This test uses a combination of verbal and spatial elements to measure your mind’s capability to understand complicated topics. Memorado states to have a strong relationship with the research community that increases their findings’ accuracy.
  1. is a website that offers free IQ tests and is a simple IQ test website with important information about IQ thinking. The website includes charts that show the stats young people should expect and allow you to compare your results with others. The test consists of 20 questions according to your WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Score) IQ score.
  1.  IQ Test Prep: IQ Test Prep provides high-quality IQ tests, such as short and long versions. You can choose the one that is the best option for your personality. You can offer your email address to receive a certificate, including your IQ score.

Can you trust the scores from online IQ test websites?

IQ tests do not test different bits of intelligence. In other words, these tests only evaluate intelligence based on reasoning and problem-solving. This method denies other forms of intelligence and means that a person without these particular abilities may be classified as less than intelligent or unintelligent. Therefore, it’s important to remember that IQ tests only measure one type of intelligence.

A study by Adam Hampshire at the Brain and Mind Institute approved what many people already believed. IQ tests are poor measurements of intelligence. They developed a test that assesses 12 “pillars of wisdom” for a comprehensive understanding of a person’s cognitive abilities, from memory to planning.

Over 10,000 people took the 12-part test, and the results confirmed that no “quotient” could measure intelligence. They understood that at least three factors are needed for predicting intelligence. “Short-term memory, reasoning, and the verbal factor.” Moreover, IQ tests cannot measure different sides of intelligence, such as emotional and social intelligence. 

Both are essential factors in evaluating a person’s likelihood of success, but they are not considered in IQ tests. Eventually, IQ tests only measure how well a person can do an IQ test. IQ tests might lead to problems such as unreliability, unreal expectations, and common misconceptions about a person’s potential.

The lesson of the story is: All people are different. IQ tests can help identify specific strengths and weaknesses. Still, we must be careful and look beyond an IQ score when evaluating an individual’s needs. Determining a person’s level of competence in areas not tested by IQ tests, such as creativity, is necessary to increase the chances of success.

Therefore, there is no surprise that IQ tests are usually considered controversial and even inaccurate, but this is not true. Despite all the criticism, the intelligence test is one of the most reliable and robust behavioral tests ever invented.

However, don’t trust the 10-minute tests that might show up on your Facebook feed. A comprehensive IQ test should take over an hour and preferably supervised by a professional examiner.

Online IQ tests are designed to evaluate the cognitive abilities that create intelligence accurately. Web-based IQ tests usually include a series of tests about reasoning, vocabulary, mental understanding speed, spatial ability, and more. However, because of the nature of intelligence, people who perform well on one type of cognitive test can also perform relatively well on other types of cognitive tests. So, even short IQ tests that do not evaluate these abilities as much can provide a general understanding of a person’s mental capacity.


One way tests are often misunderstood is when test scores are used in addition to overall IQ. IQ tests measure various skills, including working memory, fluency, reasoning, and verbal comprehension. However, IQ tests still need to be better designed to offer relevant scores for these individual skills. They should be interpreted only as a measurement tool for evaluating an individual’s overall general intelligence. 

One of the biggest problems is that a person’s IQ score can change depending on the situation. IQ tests are sensitive, and their result can vary due to motivation, coaching, etc. For example, if you try less or need to learn about other people’s strategies, your score will be lower than others. You shouldn’t be obsessed with the wrong assumption that your actual ability can be summed up by how much you are willing to invest in an IQ test.

All IQ test measurements are subject to some degree of bias. Still, IQ test designers try to eliminate bias in individual test questions. They hire experts to recognize and remove problematic questions and questions that perform poorly for an ethnic or racial group.

Although IQ tests still need to be improved, they are still helpful as a part of an overall evaluation of a person. Ultimately, however, it is up to the user to decide whether the test is interpreted accurately and use it. Online IQ tests are tools that can be used to improve human lives, and they can also cause human anxiety, says Dombrowski.

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