How To Distinguish Right from Wrong

The world around us is surrounded by good and bad, right and wrong, and everything we do is based on these two as if a voice inside us tells us what is right and wrong. It means that distinguishing right from wrong affects how we decide to act.

The main question is whether the voice we feel inside ourselves determines the right and wrong of everything, or are there rules to prove that?

How should we distinguish between right and wrong and ensure we do the right thing?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions or want to know the answers, we suggest you keep reading!

What Is Right And Wrong?

What Is Right And Wrong?

Maybe this question seems ridiculous, but if someone asks you such a question, what would you answer?

In fact, the right and wrong of everything comes back to the feeling it creates in us because before we do something, we think about it and decide whether it is good or bad to do it.

When we want to help an old man cross the street, we decide to do it because it makes us feel good because we are helping someone, so it lets us know that we are doing the right thing.

If we know that what we want to do may hurt others if we think carefully before doing it, we will realize that we don’t want to do it because it doesn’t make us feel good, and as if our unconscious mind wants to stop us, so we know that it is wrong.

Simply put, our subconscious mind can greatly impact determining the right and wrong of our actions and affect our final decision to do things.

10 Ways to Distinguish Between Right and Wrong

10 Ways to Distinguish Between Right and Wrong

1- Cultural Role

Where we come from and the culture we grew up with can impact how we distinguish between right and wrong because what is right in our culture may be wrong in another culture.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to these details in different situations that we find ourselves in so that we can make better decisions to do our jobs and not regret it later.

2- Religion Influence

Religion Influence on distinguishing right and wrong

Religion teach us what is right and wrong and greatly influence us in determining it. For example, in some religions, drinking alcohol is not a problem, and no one considers it wrong, but in others, it’s wrong. So, religion can be effective!

3- What Books Says

In order to better recognize the right and wrong of the world around us, we can get help from books to get new information and to have more accurate knowledge about the right and wrong of things so that we can make better decisions.

4- Personal Beliefs

Personal beliefs form our identity and can be effective in our life process because we make decisions according to what we believe and conclude that what we want to do is right or wrong. 

Therefore, things we believe in are factors that help us a lot in distinguishing between right and wrong.

5- What Feels Right And Wrong

Before doing anything, we feel inside ourselves whether doing this work is right or wrong and whether we will be satisfied with the result. In fact, the feeling we have to do things helps us distinguish whether that action is right.

6- Society Role

Society Role on distinguishing right and wrong

Friends, family, and people around us make up the community, whose opinions and beliefs can help us distinguish between good and bad. 
Therefore, using our social skills to understand what society defines ad right and wrong help us better distinguish these two factors.

7- Our Responsibilities 

We all know that we are responsible for our actions, and their consequences affect us in different aspects; that’s why it is important to be aware of what we are doing and think about the consequences.

Besides, when we accept responsibility for our actions, we try to think about right and wrong before doing anything; that’s how our responsibilities help us better differ good from bad.

8- Moral Judgment 

Moral characteristics help us to better understand the rules of good and bad and to decide more easily what is the right thing to do.

9- Thinking Before Decision-Making

Before we do something, we think about its consequences, then we decide whether it is the right thing to do or not. Therefore, thinking before making a decision helps us to better distinguish right from wrong.

10- Asking For Help

Ask for help for distinguishing right and wrong

If you have tried all the above and still cannot distinguish between right and wrong, it is better to get help from another person, such as a psychologist or an adult you trust.

Remember, when you don’t know what to do, it’s better to get help because if you have a guide on this path, you can make better decisions that will positively affect your life.


1- When can humans distinguish right from wrong?

Research shows that human beings can tell the difference between right and wrong before they reach the age of two.

2- Which part of the brain controls distinguishing right from wrong?

The front lobe of the brain has a major role in controlling moral behavior, decision-making, and emotions; that is why it controls knowing good from bad.

3- Do moral behaviors change over time?

According to what psychologists say, cultures and societies develop and that’s how they can change how people think over time.


Morality helps us distinguish between good and bad and decide whether what we want to do is appropriate and how we will feel about the outcome.

For example, when we do good, we feel proud for making the right decision, but when we do something wrong, we feel exactly the opposite.

That’s why we have to think carefully before doing anything so we won’t regret the final results. If you follow the things that we have said in this article, you can easily distinguish between right and wrong and enjoy the results. 

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