What Is Intrapersonal Intelligence?

Students are raised to believe that if they don’t get straight A’s in mathematics and physics, they may not be as brilliant as other students. It’s like a toxic habit of constantly having to label yourself and let those grades define you.

In 1983, an American development psychologist named Howard Gardner thought intelligence goes beyond school grades. Therefore, he started a theory suggesting multiple types of intelligence that proved intellectual functioning is not limited to your ability to solve math problems.

Gardner eventually came up with nine types of intelligence that people can have, each in different areas. One of these nine categories is “Intrapersonal Intelligence.”

In today’s article, we will dive deep into the heart of this topic and cover everything from the definition to its importance and how you can excel in it. If you are one of the thousand curious minds seeking to understand their abilities better, this article is for you. So keep scrolling!

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence refers to the ability to understand one’s own thoughts and feelings, reach high levels of self-awareness, and be capable of using this understanding to shape one’s character and path and guide one’s decision-making skills.

Intrapersonal Intelligence characteristics

Intrapersonal Intelligence characteristics

People with high intrapersonal intelligence tend to excel in:


If your best friends are giving up on their dreams or they get frustrated with all the effort they put into their goals, the first thing you would do as their friend is to motivate them. The only way you can genuinely motivate someone is to know them well enough to understand what can keep them moving forward.

That’s precisely what happens with people who possess intrapersonal intelligence. The only difference is that when everything seems too hard to handle, and they seem to see no point in moving forward, they know how to keep the flames of motivation burning. Because they know themselves, and they are aware of what they are fighting for.

Emotional Regulation

People with high intrapersonal intelligence are very skilled at managing their emotions and reactions. This gives them the opportunity to see things more clearly and logically.

Analyzation Of One’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Analyzation Of One’s Strengths And Weaknesses

One of the most important things that people with high intrapersonal intelligence are skilled at is understanding their own weaknesses and strengths so they can improve their abilities.

Having Deeper Perspective

People with high intrapersonal intelligence tend to think about the deeper meaning of life and mankind’s existence. Some psychologists suggested that this is an attempt to understand more about themselves and set their goals aligned with why they were brought to this life.


Being aware of your standards and capabilities, and basically being highly self-aware, means you have an easier time adapting to changes and different situations.

20 Famous People With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Famous People With High Intrapersonal Intelligence
  1. Mark Twain
  1. Dalai Lama
  1. Sigmund Freud
  1. Anne Sullivan 
  1. Aristotle
  1. Friedrich Nietzsche
  1. Virginia Woolf
  1. Martin Luther King Jr.
  1. Albert Einstein
  1. Mahatma Gandhi
  1. Emma Watson
  1. Mark Zuckerberg
  1. Michelle Obama
  1. Socrates
  1. Helen Keller
  1. Mother Tresa
  1. Oprah Winfrey
  1. Michelle Obama
  1. Leonard Cohen
  1. Eleanor Roosevelt

Intrapersonal Intelligence Importance

Intrapersonal Intelligence Importance

So, what good does spending so much time alone and living inside your brain do? 

Before we get to the multiple benefits of intrapersonal intelligence, it is vital to point out that being intrapersonally intelligent doesn’t mean being disconnected from the outside world or not being engaged in social activities.

In fact, intrapersonal intelligence is about controlling your inside world in order to contribute to handling the chaos of the outside world.

And there’s more to it. Here are some of the essential roles intrapersonal intelligence plays in your life:


Being aware of your own capabilities and weaknesses and knowing how, where, and when to use your abilities gives you a sense of self-confidence. When you trust yourself, you make better decisions. And when you make better decisions, you feel more powerful and confident.

Overcoming Distractions

People with intrapersonal intelligence know how to keep themselves focused and are well-known for their ability to work toward their goals and desires despite distractions.

How To Develop Intrapersonal Intelligence

How To Develop Intrapersonal Intelligence

If by now you realize that being intrapersonally intelligent isn’t your best quality, you have nothing to worry about. Everything is possible with a little hard work. We have gathered some of the best tips for you to improve your intrapersonal intelligence.

Keep A Journal

One of the best ways you can have control over your thoughts and emotions is to keep track of them. Write down your views and opinions in a notebook and analyze your behavior. Use writing as a way to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Occasionally, come back and check those journals to find out how your character has changed.

Have a Daily Routine

Do not underestimate the power of a healthy daily routine. A healthy daily routine based on your preferences helps your mental and physical health and gives you a sense of self-discipline. The point of having a daily routine is to train your mind to learn consistency and perseverance.

Set Small And Achievable Goals

The biggest mistake one can make is to set a big, hard-to-achieve, and unrealistic goal. For instance, You just started learning to swim, and your goal is to become the world’s greatest swimmer by the end of the month. Sounds silly, right?

It’s hard to stay motivated when you set such goals. Start by setting achievable and short-term goals. This way, achieving your goal makes you feel more confident. After a while, you’ll learn how to make long-term plans for your life.

Best Jobs For People With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Best Jobs For People With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Studies show that people with high intrapersonal intelligence mostly choose these jobs as a career path:


Intrapersonally intelligent people are emotionally aware and have a deep understanding of one’s feelings. This gives them a chance to explain and write more realistically. And since some intrapersonally intelligent people might be shy and less interested in social interaction, writing could be a great way to help their voices and thoughts be heard.


Theorizing requires strong analysis skills and critical thinking. To come up with new ideas, you need to dive deep into the heart of any topic and examine every little detail. And since these are abilities that intrapersonally intelligent people excel at, this could be a promising career for them.



Being aware of your abilities allows you to have a more innovative approach when it comes to decision-making and leading a group. So, being an entrepreneur could be an excellent career path for people whose sense of purpose keeps them moving.


Philosophy is also one of the most suitable career paths for those with high intrapersonal intelligence.

Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Intelligence: Is There A Difference?

Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Intelligence

As we said, intrapersonal intelligence refers to the ability to understand one’s feelings, strengths, and weaknesses. Intrapersonally intelligent people are so self-aware that they can quickly motivate themselves at times of despair and continue to work towards their aim despite the distraction.

On the flip side, Interpersonally intelligent people tend to be more of a people person. They like communicating with others and have a deep understanding of people’s feelings.

Intrapersonal Intelligence And Introversion

The connection between intrapersonal intelligence is not causative, nor are they the same. However, studies show that intrapersonally intelligent people usually tend to be introverts since they enjoy spending more time alone and perform better individually. 


Do IQ Tests Measure Intrapersonal Intelligence?

Although so many believe an IQ test captures the full range of human intelligence, it is essential to know it is not valid. IQ test focuses on cognitive abilities, including mathematical and linguistic skills.

Is Interpersonal Intelligence Self-study?

Yes. Let me explain this to you with an exciting example: You have been given a seed, and your friend has been given a tree. Of course, your friend doesn’t have to go through much trouble because they already own a fully-grown tree.

In order for you to have a tree, you need to put a little effort and take care of your seed until it grows into a beautiful tree.

I’m trying to say that some people are naturally born with high intrapersonal intelligence, while others may have to spend some time working on those skills.

Is It Possible For Someone To Be Good At Both Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Intelligence?

Yes. A scientifically proven fact is that having high intrapersonal intelligence doesn’t mean you aren’t good at being interpersonally intelligent. In other words, mastering both of these skills takes a considerable deal of resilience and effort, but it is not impossible.

People who can both focus on improving their self-awareness and being considerate towards other people’s feelings tend to be very successful in life.

Last Words

Today’s article discussed the importance of intrapersonal intelligence and how you improve it.

So many people believe intrapersonally intelligent people are anti-social and they can’t connect with other people. In comparison, the truth is that they understand other’s thoughts and emotions by understanding their own thoughts first.

They discover the world inside their minds to find a way to make the outside world a better place. However, the truth is that there have been plenty of intrapersonally intelligent people throughout history who used their intelligence and their power to cause harm.

So, remember never to compare yourself to others because everybody excels in their own particular area. Getting bad grades at school does not mean you are not intelligent. It just means mathematics is not your thing, and you should see what you are good at. And use it as a way to bring peace to this world!

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