How to Increase Your IQ

It’s well-established that intelligence level isn’t a complete factor and a true sign of knowledge. However, there are many motivations behind why you should build your intelligence level score in any case.

You might have to take an IQ test as a component of an employment form. On the other hand, you might partake in the individual test or are keen on joining Mensa, an overall association for individuals of better-than-expected knowledge.

Or even you might want to know your ability to think critically to be able to plan better for your future career path.

Assuming you are effectively attempting to overhaul your knowledge, your intelligence level score can assist you with deciding whether your endeavors are paying off.

In any case, taking an IQ test to measure your IQ score is a must. But the question is how to increase your IQ score.

Here we have gathered some simple tips to help general knowledge and level of intelligence scores. These methods have been proven for many adults and are worth considering in your life.

1. Don’t forget frequent physical exercise

Physical activity increases the progression of oxygen, glucose, and supplements to your cerebrum.

It’s one of the most incredible ways of boosting neuroplasticity, which is the mind’s capacity to modify its design and capability.

Neuroplasticity is strongly related to knowledge and bigger mind volume. Surprisingly, even just one 30-minute activity session can upgrade your brain’s plasticity.

Well-known scientific studies have shown a correlation between physical fitness and higher IQ scores.

2. Play chess

Playing chess is one of the most recommended activities that help you increase your IQ score. Chess can increase critical thinking abilities, concentration, and stimulation of both sides of your brain.

Play games like chess to help your brain

It gives your working memory a decent exercise and can increase your intelligence level.

3. Don’t give up learning

Those who stay in school longer have higher levels of intelligence. That’s a proven way to increase your IQ or stay smart for a long time. 

By presenting you with new data and settling issues, learning raises your intelligence level by a few a year.

Specialists have found that for every extended time of schooling finished; there is a level of intelligence gain of around 3.5 points.

4. Choose a challenging career path

Keeping your brain sharp will require you to have a job that requires complex interactions, complex systems, or difficult solutions.

Those in mentally challenging occupations usually perform better on cognitive tests. This is what many studies have proved.

So if your IQ score is important to you, try to choose a mentally challenging job so that you force your brain to work every day.

5. Choose a healthy diet

Give your brain the best food if you want it to function at its best. Berries, walnuts, avocado, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, dark chocolate, cold water fish, and turmeric are some of the greatest foods for the brain.

Take healthy diet

Avoid unprocessed foods as much as you can. Children’s and adults’ IQ is lower when they eat high-fat, high-sugar foods.

According to many researchers, eating a healthy diet without preservatives, colors, and flavors can increase the IQ score by 14%.

6. Avoid smoking

Increasing your IQ is not all about doing things. Sometimes you have to avoid doing some things, especially smoking.

Almost all researchers insist that smoking can hurt your brain activity, causing a lower IQ score of about 7 points.

Young people who’re accustomed to smoking regularly are highly likely to have lower IQ scores compared to peers who don’t smoke.

The average IQ score for non-smoking young men is usually around 100-101. On the other hand, young smoking people have an average IQ score of 94-95.

7. Avoid alcohol

Some believe that a bit of drinking improves your overall health, longevity, and your brain sharpness. 

But be careful! Drinking alcoholic beverages can be very detrimental to your body, especially your brain. Old people who have drunk excessive amounts of alcohol usually have lower IQ scores compared to their peers.

8. Avoid staying alone

Loneliness is another thing you have to avoid if you want to keep your IQ score high as aging.

Many studies have indicated that loneliness can significantly impact your intelligence in a negative way. So your IQ test scores will dramatically decrease if you choose a lonely lifestyle.

9. Try meditation

Almost all studies show that meditating improves blood flow to the brain, patience, concentration, and memory, in addition to lowering stress levels and improving mood. It’s also extremely calming.

Each day, try for 30 minutes. This may be divided into two or three 10-15 minute sessions throughout the day. When you wake up, after you exercise, and before bedtime, it is preferable to do so.

10. Sleep well

You have to sleep when you need it. At 9 a.m., some people are in their peak cognitive state. Around 9 p.m., some of us were still up. Others may come at 2 a.m. or whenever they’ve had their third cup of coffee.

well sleep helps your brain

Sleep when your brain tells you to sleep. Everyone is different. At night, do you produce your best work? Then go to bed late. You aren’t being indolent; you’re being cautious!

Aim to get at least seven and a half hours of sleep each night. Your brain can’t function at 100% when you’re tired. It just does what it has to in order to keep you alive and breathing, which is cutting down on what it thinks it can. It’s a bit like putting you into hibernation mode.

Inadequate sleep over the long term harms your brain and may lead to a variety of physical and mental disorders.

11. Try puzzles and other mental games

You have to do puzzles and other mental games regularly to avoid dementia and keep your brain at high speeds. This necessitates (in today’s world) more time on the Internet and your mobile.

Fortunately, there are lots of apps for such games that get your brain to work. Try to avoid games that are just entertaining, and go for some challenges.

Final thoughts

Although people have different skills and abilities, they can work on their capabilities and improve them. Your IQ score is not a solid number, and you can significantly improve it by choosing a better lifestyle. Of course, you should not push too hard for it. You just need to Accept your limits and find your talent to focus on that.

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