Low IQ and Social Skills

When you meet a person for the first time, their social skills affect you; that is, if they have a good attitude so that you notice their social skills, it will record their good attitude in your mind.

Also, when you meet someone who can’t communicate with you well and doesn’t know basic social interaction skills, you will notice it, and it may even discourage you from continuing the meeting.

Do you pay attention to the IQ level of your opponent in such a situation? That is, when you see a person who does not have good social skills, do you think they must have a low IQ and consider those people not intelligent?

IQ is a challenging topic that scientists have been researching from different angles for years, and the results of this research are becoming more interesting day by day.

Scientists are trying to find the relationship of IQ with other abilities and skills; one of these is the relationship or impact of low IQ on people’s social skills.

In fact, does someone with a low IQ necessarily have poor social skills? Do these two affect each other?

If you want to find answers to such questions, this article is for you. In this article, we talk about low IQ and social skills comprehensively.

What Is Considered a Low IQ?

The IQ level is obtained through the total score obtained from standard tests designed to measure people’s mental abilities. Therefore, everyone’s IQ level is different.

In general, IQ scores and their corresponding levels are as follows:

  • 69 and below are determined to be extremely low
  • 70 to 70 is very low
  • 80 to 89 low average
  • 90 to 109 is considered an average
  • 110 to 119 above average
  • 120 to 129 very high
  • 130 and above are considered to be extremely high

According to the mentioned cases, if a person takes an IQ test and the result of her test shows a score between 70 and 75, we know they have a low IQ.

But is it possible to be sure that a person with a low IQ has poor social skills?

Note that some people with intellectual disabilities may have a low IQ score; we are talking about people who do not have intellectual disabilities but have a lower IQ than the average level.

Signs Of Low IQ

Signs of Low IQ

Now that we understand the level and score of low IQ, it is time to check the signs of people with low IQ.

As you know, people considered intelligent have characteristics that show their high intelligence; for example, they may have excellent abilities to solve various problems.

Also, people with low IQ can be identified through signs. That is, it is possible to recognize people who do not have high IQs according to several characteristics. In the following, we will examine some of the most important signs.

  • They are not curious
  • They show no interest in learning new things
  • They don’t share ideas
  • They avoid thinking correctly and making the right decisions
  • They lack critical thinking
  • They are not creative 
  • They have poor interpersonal skills
  • They are primarily unrealistic thinkers
  • They often have black-and-white thinking
  • They are not open-minded and don’t try to become one
  • They usually don’t understand scenes of humor
  • They are mostly lazy
  • They have difficulties understanding themselves and others’ emotions
  • They lack imagination
  • They have poor management skills
  • They are not motivated
  • They lack social abilities

The things mentioned are some of the most critical signs of people who have a low IQ. Therefore, if you see these signs in someone, especially young people, try to ask them to do an IQ test to make sure that they have a low IQ or that there is another problem.

The Relation Between Low IQ And Social Skills

If you pay attention, you will notice that in the previous section, among the signs of people with low IQ, we mentioned that these people generally have poor social skills, but how true is this?

As mentioned earlier, IQ is related to many skills and abilities, and researchers are discovering the relationship between different IQ scores and different skills.

The social skills that every normal person has included various things we will examine below.

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Body language communication
  • Active listening
  • Relationship management
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Being enthusiastic
  • Respect 
  • Proper facial expression

These are some of the essential characteristics of people with social skills who can communicate effectively. It is said that strong social skill is one of the most critical characteristics of intelligent people, but it is not always fixed, and there are exceptions because a person may have a high IQ but does not know social skills well.

As you can see, social skills require that people are willing to talk and communicate with others; that is, they must be able to speak, understand topics, focus, make proper eye contact, use body language, etc.

In the previous section, we said that people with low IQs are not focused, are not creative, are not interested in presenting new ideas, are lazy, and do not have critical thinking skills.

Therefore, people with low IQ do not have the necessary social skills because one of the most important factors is the ability to communicate effectively with others.

People with social skills can communicate with others more quickly, which shows that they are intelligent because they can understand different topics, comment on them, give new ideas, and even solve problems with the help of their abilities. Solving and social skills make it easier to solve problems.

On the other hand, people with low IQs generally cannot easily communicate with intellectuals because their minds are not very open. Therefore, they cannot participate in various discussions and create new relationships.

A very important point that you should pay attention to is that among people with high IQs and good social skills, there are people who, despite having a high IQ, cannot communicate effectively with others and don’t have good social skills.

In fact, it can be said that these people have high abilities in areas such as problem-solving and reasoning, but they do not have the necessary social skills.

In addition, if people with low IQ do not have mental problems, they may have low IQ and not have strong problem-solving skills like intelligent people with high IQ, but they can communicate with others and the skills Have a relatively good social life. However, the important point is that experts have yet to reject or accept this issue definitively.

How To Improve Social Skills With a Low IQ

Improve Social Skills with a low IQ

As you may know, there are ways through which people can improve their IQ and internal skills. So far, we have talked about low IQ and social skills and the relationship between the two; in this section, we want to tell you how to improve your IQ and social skills.

  • Try to think about what you want to talk about before speaking.
  • Improve your curiosity and start asking about what you don’t know about.
  • Start thinking about new things and try to strengthen your creativity.
  • Understand the rules of each communication you enter to build relationships with new people.
  • Try to speak clearly, and avoid using hard words in your conversations.
  • Start learning new things; you can do this by reading more books.
  • Try to be polite when communicating with others.
  • Show people you are interested in talking to them.
  • Start learning body language gestures.
  • Make proper eye contact.
  • Try to observe others’ conversations and copy them.
  • Engage with others, especially when you have information to share about a particular topic.
  • Start to memorize things.
  • Try to stay concentrated while multitasking.

With the help of the things that have been said, you can improve your social skills and boost your IQ to communicate effectively with others.

Note that you don’t need to do all these things quickly; you can start with small steps, like asking questions to strengthen your mental skills gradually.

Don’t forget that we can develop our minds, skills, and abilities, so try to improve your intelligence skills and enjoy them.


IQ and social skills are abilities that have an important impact on people’s daily and successful lives; if you are not a smart person but have good social skills, the probability of being successful in some jobs is high; also, if you do not have good social relationships and Instead, be an intelligent person, you can be successful in jobs where intelligence is vital.

However, it is important to have both abilities at an acceptable level. In this article, we talked about social skills and low IQ, explained what low IQ means, the signs of people with low IQ, and thoroughly examined the relationship between social skills and low IQ. We did and finally explained how you can improve your mental ability and social skills to take advantage of them.

We hope this article’s contents can help you strengthen your social skills, and if you have a low IQ, do not despair and try to improve it.

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