The Measure of Intelligence is the Ability to Change

Have you ever thought about the real meaning of intelligence?

Who do you consider to be intelligent? People with high IQ and EQ, or the ones who are surviving everyday life?

Albert Einstein, whom you surely know, once said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

So, he thought if you’re and adaptable person, you’re intelligent; and if you’re afraid of change, no matter what you’ve scored on your IQ test, you’re not intelligent!

This interpretation of intelligence might be a bit strange. Some may ask isn’t getting used to situations the exact contrary to being intelligent? 

Today, we’re going to answer all questions about this famous quote. We’re going to show you adaptability is not just following new things without critical thinking; but it’s actively taking part in changing ourselves and controlling the changing world around us!

Let’s know more!

Intelligence and Adaptability

Intelligence and Adaptability

Intelligence can have different meanings at different times. 

For example, intelligence had a definition for the primitive human, while it has a totally different meaning these days! It even had a meaning in medival ages. But in general, it means being able to solve problems and learn things faster than others.

But what is the relationship between intelligence and adaptability?

Well, some believe that if you find ways to adapt yourself to new things, you’re probably considered intelligent.

For instance, the emergence of AI a new concept. If you’ve already learned all about it, and you know how to use it the way it assists you rather than replacing your role, well, you’re an intelligent person!

What about “Intelligence is the ability to change”?

When we say, “Intelligence is the ability to change,” we mean that being smart isn’t just about knowing things. It has another condition and that’s adaptability.

At least that’s what Albert Einstein thought!

He believed the ability to adapt to new situations by using what you know is the true meaning of intelligence. 

In our world which is rapidly changing its face, being willing to change your perspective is very important. Not everyone is able to do so, and that’s why the most intelligent are the ones who become a part of the changing world, not just the ones who watch the process!

The Role of Adaptability in Determining Intelligence

The Role of Adaptability in Determining Intelligence

Just close your eyes and imagine how our ancestors lived. The primitive men who had no technologies and no science; ones who had to follow their instincts.

Who is considered to be smart and intelligent in their time?

Exactly! The ones who could adapt to their situation and start controlling it. Humans who could survive the pre-historic dangerous animals, lack of food, sickness, and devastating hot and cold, are humans who we got our intelligence from!

So, that’s how it works!  

And even now, intelligent and successful people are the ones who survive! 

How the constantly changing world shapes our intellect

The world we live in is always changing, with new technologies, ideas, and obstacles. You’ll believe this if you answer this question: “Is the world you know today, the one you knew 20 years ago?”

Of course not. The culture, technologies, and interconnected of the world today are nothing like it was 2 or 3 decades ago.

Critical thinking and creativity are traits that help us keep changing with the world, and learn how to control emerging concepts. We try to learn like the path to learning has no end.

People who adapt faster are more intelligent while adapting more helps us boost our other skills

The catalyst to personal growth and new experiences

Personal growth and new experiences always follow adaptability! So, what has changed about this concept over time is that it doesn’t just mean surviving anymore. 

Adapting to change means stepping out of our comfort zones. This helps us to grow, gain new perspectives, and experience new things.

Enhancing intelligence through adaptability

Enhancing intelligence through adaptability

Can we enhance our intelligence by learning adaptability? 

Sure! Parent-child relationships, getting used to new personal habits, and educating ourselves are the key strategies to learn how to adapt, and also become more intelligent!

Parent-child connection

If you want to have an intelligent child, you can teach them adaptability from a young age!

Parents have a very effective role in a child’s intelligence. You can teach your child how to manage new situations, and how to use them. 

By letting them be curious and teaching them how to be flexible, you can take a big step toward creating a resilient child, who knows how to handle the transformation. You can let them learn strategies for overcoming the obstacles of change.  

Techniques like playing, exploring, and open communication are also effective.

Personal habits and The Ability to Adapt

Personal habits and The Ability to Adapt

Our personal habits, especially those related to our bodies and food, can help us boost our ability to change!

Go through a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and practicing mindful eating to learn adaptability! If you can stick to this healthy lifestyle, then you’re moving towards intelligence.

Reading For increasing adaptability

Learning is not just getting information and memorizing it. We should also engage in some activities like reading to understand how to think!

To be adaptable, reading widely and having diverse experiences is essential.

These tools expose us to new cultures, ways of thinking, and ideas that help us view the world from various perspectives.

How to accept change?

How to accept change?

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to making personal changes. There’s something that tempts us to stay in our comfort zone and be happy with what we’re already used to!

Taking that first step for handling change, is the most important one. But we need some techniques to encourage us to stick to it and never look back.

 Measuring gains over gaps in the journey of self-improvement

Seeing the positive results that change brings to us can act as an incentive to continue this process. We need a reminder.

So, start writing the gains of the change that has happened on a piece of paper whenever you feel overwhelmed. You don’t need Ted Moseby’s yellow legal pad writing the pros and cons, but you only have to focus on the pros.

Because sometimes it’s good to remember, however, it’s scary, but it’s also a good thing and has some lights in it!

Accepting what you can’t control

Sometimes you feel comfortable where you are, but change is inevitable. Maybe you are forced to move to another city, or you have to leave someone or anything that you have no decision in.

Well, being a super-human these days is to fight for what you can change and accept what you can’t.

Try reminding yourself that you’re strong and overcome this pain from a change. One day soon, you’ll open your eyes to your new life and get used to it.

Staying positive

Staying positive

Whether you got shocked by a sudden accident like losing someone, going through a divorce, leaving your old school, or even an injury, believe it when someone tells you you’ll be alright.

We are human beings, and we’re capable of saving new memories in our minds. So, we’re able to live with new situations and accept them.

Sooner or later, the change that feels so awkward today becomes the reality of your life. Staying positive helps the process goes sooner. But if you don’t try and sulk about never being able to move on from your past life, then it’ll go harder.

So, want to cope with the change? Believe that you can, and the rest will be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does “Intelligence is the ability to change” mean in everyday life?

It means intelligence is being open to learning and relearning. Having the flexibility to change your thoughts and actions in response to new information or situation, is what this quote is all about.

How does adaptability to change reflect one’s intelligence?

Adaptability is a person’s capacity to think critically, solve problems creatively, and respond to new challenges. Those who adapt well to change are more likely to be curious, open-minded, and capable of growth. All of these traits are known as parts of intelligence.

Albert Einstein recognized that the world is always changing, and being intelligent means having the ability to change with it.

How can one improve their intelligence according to this theory?

According to this theory, improving intelligence is possible through welcoming change, staying curious, and being open to learning. It’s about being flexible and not being afraid of changing our thoughts.  

How does reading contribute to adaptability-enhanced intelligence?

Reading provides us with opportunities to understand different cultures, beliefs, and ways of thinking. When we accept diversity in thought, we boost our ability to adapt. 

Concluding Thoughts

Einstein was one of the most intelligent individuals in history, so we should believe him when he says something about intelligence!

Especially now that we know intelligence is not a fixed trait but a dynamic ability that thrives on change. We’ve explored how adaptability isn’t just about survival and thriving in a constantly changing world.

Always tell yourself the story of the primitive men: they didn’t only adapt to change and survived, but they built tools and solutions to overcome any obstacles, and here we are today!

Albert Einstein’s statement that “intelligence is the capacity to adapt” urges us to adopt a more comprehensive definition of intelligence.

This prompts us to be inquisitive, adaptable, and receptive to fresh viewpoints. It motivates us to view change not as a danger but as a chance for personal development and renewal.

In a constantly changing world, our ability to adapt becomes our power, direction, and key to genuine intelligence. Intelligence isn’t solely about how much we know but about how we develop, acquire knowledge, and evolve.

Now, do you find yourself to be intelligent? We believe you are, and you need to do so. Because if you’re intelligent, you’ll overcome this soon.

Just be strong and patient; your intelligence will guide you to adaptation!

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